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Why mobile computer repair is better

Why Mobile Computer Repair Is Better

Mobile computer repair is a enhanced service offering over other offerings such as drop off, remote connection fixes or posting a machine.

It minimises what the customer has to do. With dropping off to a computer store the customer has to drive there to drop it off. Mobile technicians ofcourse come to you and deal with the issue onsite cutting the time the customer has to run around.

You get face to face time. Many people would rather talking to someone face to face. It is difficult to explain technical issues if you are not a technical person so many people prefer showing what the issue is.

The technician can fix all types of issues. With remote computer repair it requires an internet connect to get desktop sharing working between the computers. A technician onsite can fix issues where the computer is inoperable or the internet is not working.

It may save time for the customer. With remote computer repair to set up the remote connection to share the desktop may take up to 15 minutes of the customers time to install the remote desktop application. The better alternative if time is tight is for a technician to come to the customer with a 5 minute call to say where they are.

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