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When Should I Upgrade My Computer

When Should I Upgrade My Computer

Your computer is not nessesaryly needing an upgrade I might just need a tune up. If you are finding that after a year or so you computer is slow then it might just be full of junk or have malware on it. Its common to think oh I need to upgrade it to make it faster but a tune up or reinstall of the computer would make it work like you bought it. With an older computer though of more then 3 years it may have deficient ram so…

Extra ram is the easist and quickest of upgrade. Just bear in mind that the limit for a 32bit version of windows is 4 gigs of ram. 64bit versions can go very high. So if you are looking to go from 4 gigs to 8 gigs you may have to purchase a new 64bit licence of windows in order to run it. Otherwise if you have 2 gigs or ram go for it to get up to 4 gigs. Just using the browsers for the internet that we have these days is very taxing on a 2 gig ram computer.

Hard drive upgrade. A hard drive upgrade if done by a company could be expensive if you want the computer to operate exactly how it used to. But as long as the computer was working well before hand it is possible to clone the old hard drive and just copy it onto the new one with all the extra space.

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