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How To Fix A WiFi Issue

How To Fix A WiFi Issue

Most recently, we have had a WiFi issue where the customer was unable to connect to a wireless network. The troubleshooting steps are as below.

You can try and re-install the driver. Go to device manager by going start – device manager – network adapters – right click on the wireless adapter and select uninstall driver. You can then go to action – scan hardware changes. It should re-install automatically. If any problems try to restart if still a problem then restart again.

If this does not work you can try next to update the driver. Right click on the wireless adapter and select properties go to driver tab and note down driver name and version.

You can next try update driver button and the first option look for on the internet if you choose this option make sure that the computer has a cord connected to the router so it can get internet.

This may not work so next you want to google search the name of the driver above and find it online. When you download it and install it it should be a later version then the one you noted before.

OK if that does not work! Purchase a USB dongle. These are cheap and easy to install. The only downside is it will be using up one of your USB ports.

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