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Best Way To Set Up Scanning From A Printer In A Network

Best Way To Set Up Scanning From A Printer In A Network

There are a few ways to get scans from your network printer to your computer. The main two are send by email the other is scanning to a network share. I am an advorcate for scanning to a network share. Why? Emailing requires to enter in a “SMTP” address from which to send the email. This is subject to changing and then finding and testing another SMTP server can be troublesome.

For creating a scan to share you do need some things in your network already though. You would need a server or computer which is mostly always on to receive the files to. It could be a NAS device or a desktop computer or server. You would need to create a share on the device that is available to all the parties. It could be labled “scans”.

Set up the printer to send the scans to this folder. On the workstations you would then need each to have a connection to this network share. The user of the computer would then be able to scan and then see the scan on the share created.

To me this is the best way but if security is an issue where it is best that not eveyone can see everyones shares then an scan to email option might be best.

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