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4 Things That Make A Good Computer Technician

4 Things That Make A Good Computer Technician

1. They may know it all but they don’t act like a know it all. A good technician is not going to look down on you because you do not know how a computer works or blames you for the computer breaking. They should use normal language when talking with you as much as possible.

2. They are certified. If they are certified it means obviously they have a certain competency in the certain area. So if they are mac certified they should be at least decent in checking out mac issues. Although certifications are be all end all in fact the best technicians have learned on the job but there should be at least a few technical certifications that they have.

3. They have dealt with the issue before. If the technician has already dealt with a particular issue previously they are far more likely to be able to fix your one. Eg ask if they have dealt with your windows computer not booting up. If yes then they will be able to do it fast then if they have not encountered it previously.

4. They are on time and keep to schedules. How annoying is waiting for someone or even if they do not turn up. Find a company who will keep with their schedules and has good communication systems so that if a technician is not able to make it or is going to reschedule you are told about it.

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