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4 Reasons Why Your Windows Computer Might Have Problems?

4 Reasons Why Your Windows Computer Might Have Problems?

There are a few reasons when windows gets problems. Most are not actually to do with the hard ware on the computer. The most common issues are with the software.

1. Virus issues
Viruses cause your computer to act up. Pop ups might come up when browsing, the internet might slow down. Even if you have antivirus software installed there are many types which just one software program cannot protect you from all virus’s.

2. Computer clogged up. Computers get clogged up in certain areas over time. Maybe you are running out of disk space, you registry might be full of bad entries or you have applications and services which are starting with the computer which are slowing it down.

3. malicious applications installed. When you installed that “free” video editing software to you read any of the text before selecting next or ok? Most people don’t so you may of inadvertently got other malicious software installed which you “agreed” to install.

4. Windows update. You may think that this would be impossible as when they are making updates they should be making things better no? For the most part yes you get security patches to make it more secure but some patches can break other software possibly making the computer inoperable. Crazy ha?

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