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4 Reasons Why You Need To Follow Up With Customers

4 Reasons Why You Need To Follow Up With Customers

1. It costs money to get customers

How much do you spend to get each customer? It is worth knowing the answer to this question as you may find it is a considerable amount! You can find out how much it costs to get a customer simply by asking where your customer found you. More advanced methods are tracking conversions from Adwords for example. It may of taken $50 or so to get a customer! So knowing this is is worth keeping them happy.

2. You may get repeat business from them

So knowing that it costs $50 to get the customer it is in your best interest to keep them as one. It could be as simple as a monthly newsletter to their email. Or a scheduled call to them every three months just to chat. If you do not “touch” with them for too long it will become like they don’t know you and following up two years later they will be like “why are they emailing me?”.

3. For quality control

You want to know that you are doing a good job. Having a survey send out after each job is a really good idea. Some people enjoy filling these out and if there is anything that was missing for the service to them they can voice it. You will find that many time when something is not good about the service you have provided the customer will not tell you about it by reaching out to you. But if you call or email to follow up they are likely to respond.

4. Lifetime value of customer

Ok so you may get $50 profit off of a sale but do you know the lifetime value of each customer? The reason why business fail is they neglect the relationship they have initiated with their customers. Don’t kill the golden goose! Nurture the relationship with your customers so they keep spending money with you!

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