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3 Reasons Why Not Having A Non-Legitimate Software Can Cost You.

3 Reasons Why Not Having A Non-Legitimate Software Can Cost You.

You might be thinking that having non legitimate software will save you money. But there are a few reasons why you should invest in legitimate software.

1. It is illegal to have and distribute pirate software. Law protects intellectual
property and software. You are not actually allowed to be using the software for any purpose if it is pirated. There are many ways you could get could out: A client may see you using the software, the files you distribute from it may point you out, you may become under investigation from police.

2. It feels better. Having something you have paid for makes you feel better. You don’t feel like you are going behind someones back because in effect you are actually stealing if you use software like this. If you own the software by purchasing it you never have this guilt feeling over you head.

3. It may not operate as it should. Software once it comes out is not necessarily 100% bug free. It is certainly the case with most operating system! After they come out bug fixes will come as updates. These updates normally don not work on pirated softare so in effect you are stuck with a damaged tool. Maybe it does not allow you to create a file in it over a certain limit. This could waste a lot of time.

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